Adding the Company Logo as the Profile Picture

Adding the Company Logo as the Profile Picture

If you prefer to have your company logo appear in the signature area vs the top of the template or other areas in the template, there are two ways this can be accomplished.

If only one or more user(s) desire to have the company logo appear in place of their profile picture, this can be accomplished by uploading the logo to the user's profile under the People tab.

Please Click Here for information about adding or editing a profile picture for a user.

For optimal image quality, the recommended size for profile pictures is between 150x150 & 300x300 px. 

If you would like to add the company logo for the entire organization, this can be accomplished by click on the cogwheel located in the upper right-hand corner of your account and selecting company settings. 


Under company settings, you will find "Company Logo".

Click the "Browse" button to select a photo from the desired file directory. 

Click the "Save" button to complete this process.

Within 2 minutes the changes will have propagated to our mail transport agents

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