Company Settings

Company Settings

To edit the company details in your account click on the "Cog" wheel in the upper right-hand corner of the Administrator Console then click on Invite Admins.

The details entered into the Company Information fields are applied to every user's signature by default, but will be overwritten if filled out in a user's personal profile or group details.
If these fields, with the exception of the Organization field, are not required in each user's email signature it is recommended the field remain blank.

*The Organization field must remain populated to identify your account in our system.

If you would like to have your company logo appear in place of the profile image for multiple/all users this can be done here as well.  Adding a photo to a profile will override this feature for the specific user(s) who chose to have a profile picture instead of the company logo.  

2. Time Zone. It is recommended the time zone is set to the location where the majority of your emails are sent from. A correct time zone selection is important as each sent email is recorded in the analytics tab under a timestamp.

3. Session. For convenience, you can choose to remain signed in to your Black Pearl Mail account while the window remains open. Your session will otherwise time out and prompt you to re-login.

4. Tracking. There are two options for tracking in Black Pearl Mail - Click Thru Tracking and Open Tracking.
  • Click Thru Tracking. This option allows you to remove tracking hyperlinks from your banner images. The Analytics tab will therefore only show the amount of email sent, not the banners clicked.
  • Open Tracking. This option allows you to remove the ability to see if a recipient has opened your emails. Open tracking is used in the Track and Trace section of the Analytics tab, by the Follow Feature, and by our Email Notification Gmail app. Turning it off will stop these features from working properly.

For Infomation regarding Embedded Images please click here

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