Exclude Large Emails from Routing Through Black Pearl Mail

Exclude Large Emails from Routing Through Black Pearl Mail

What will you need to do?

The maximum size of an email that be sent through Black Pearl Mail is 18 MB. If you would like to send an email with an attachment larger than this, then we will need to exclude them from routing through Black Pearl Mail

If you have any issues or questions during this process, please contact support@blackpearlmail.com. 

There are 2 steps required:

STEP 1 – Login and go to Office 365 Mail Flow Settings

1) Open/go to the Office365 admin console - https://portal.office.com/adminportal

2) Click on Show all...

3) Click on Exchange.

4) Select Mail flow from the left-hand side menu.

STEP 2 – Edit the Existing Rule to Exclude Large Emails 

In this section, we will be editing the existing Black Pearl Mail rule to exclude internal emails from routing through Black Pearl Mail.

1) Click on Rules

2) Highlight the Black Pearl Mail rule.

3) Click on the edit icon.

4) Click on add exception

5) In the drop down select The message… and then select is size is greater than or equal to.

6) Enter 17408 in the box and click OK.

7) Click Save.

After editing the rule, we strongly advise that you send a couple of test emails to ensure that mail is flowing correctly. If it is not, then go back into the rule and remove the exception you just created.