Exclude Large Emails from Routing Through Black Pearl Mail for Google Workspace

Exclude Large Emails from Routing Through Black Pearl Mail for Google Workspace

What will you need to do?

Black Pearl Mail currently has a 18 MB limit on the size of a message that can pass through our platform. Anything larger than this will bounce. If you would like to send mail larger than 18 MB, then you can exclude that email from routing through Black Pearl Mail. You will be making a modification to the existing Black Pearl Mail Content Compliance entry in your Google Workspace admin console.   

If you have any issues or questions during this process, please contact support@blackpearlmail.com. 

There are 2 steps required:
STEP 1 – Login and go to Gmail Settings
STEP 2 – Edit the Existing Content Compliance Entry

STEP 1 – Login and go to Gmail Settings

1) Go to your Gmail Administrator settings: http://admin.google.com/

2) Click on the Apps icon (you may need to click Show more):

3) Click on Google Workspace:

4) Click on Gmail:

STEP 2 – Edit the Existing Content Compliance Entry 

1) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Compliance.

2) Scroll down to the Content Compliance section, and you should see a Black Pearl Compliance entry.

3) Click Edit next to the Black Pearl Compliance entry.

4) Scroll down to step 2 and click ADD.

4) Ensure the below parameters are configured on the new expression:

Select Metadata match
Attribute should be set to Message size
Match type set to Message size is less than the following (MB)
In the bottom field enter 18

5) Click Save button.

6) Click Save again.

Once you have completed all the above steps, we strongly advise you to send a test email to a personal account and ensure your mail is flowing and branding is applied. Incorrect changes to the Content Compliance entry could cause mail flow to break. If you experience any issues, disable the Black Pearl Mail Content Compliance rule and contact our support team immediately.