Exclude Messages from Routing Through Black Pearl Mail Based on Subject Content in M365

Exclude Messages from Routing Through Black Pearl Mail Based on Subject Content in M365

What will you need to do?

There may be scenarios where you have certain emails that you do not want to route through Black Pearl Mail. Examples of these may be automated notifications. To get around this, we can add an exclusion to your existing Black Pearl Mail rule to prevent emails from routing through Black Pearl Mail based on subject content.

If you have any issues or questions during this process, please contact support@blackpearlmail.com. 

There are 2 steps required:

STEP 1 – Login and go to Office 365 Mail Flow Settings

1) Open/go to the Office365 admin console - https://portal.office.com/adminportal

2) Click on Show all...

3) Click on Exchange.

4) Select Mail flow from the left-hand side menu.

STEP 2 – Edit the Existing Rule to Exclude Emails Based on Subject

In this section, we will be editing the existing Black Pearl Mail rule to exclude internal emails from routing through Black Pearl Mail.

1) Click on Rules

2) Highlight the Black Pearl Mail rule.

3) Click on the edit icon.

4) Click on add exception

5) In the drop down select The subject or body… and then select is subject includes any of these words.

6) Click on Enter words…

7) In the text field, enter the word that will identify the emails based on their subject that you don’t want to pass through Black Pearl Mail. In this example, we have a subject of “Alert! Please check resources immediately!”, so we are simply using the word “Alert!”. Click on the plus symbol, then click Ok.

8) Click Save.

After editing the rule, we strongly advise that you send a couple of test emails to ensure that mail is flowing correctly. You can also send some test emails with your exclusion word in the subject. These emails should not be branded. If there are any issues, then go back into the rule and remove the exception you just created.