Can't send or receive emails due to missing or incorrect MX record

I can't send or receive emails and have been told that my MX record is missing or incorrect

What is an MX record?

An MX record directs the route an email takes when being sent to a domain.
i.e. If an MX record says, the emails are being directed to a Gmail relay.

How can I check my MX record?

You can visit MXToolbox and simply enter your email address to check your MX record.

What does it mean if my domain has no MX record?

This means that emails being sent to your domain, i.e., will not be able to be directed anywhere. This means you can not receive any emails until an MX record has been added.

How do I fix this?

The most common reason for an MX record to disappear is that the service provider (Microsoft/Google or another webhost) has suspeneded your account and it can simply be re-subscribed to.
If you have purchased a new webhost or recently moved your domain hosting, you may need to access your DNS records in order to add the MX record. You can ask your IT team or contact the provider directly to get this resolved.
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