Images are not displaying correctly in Outlook

Images are not displaying correctly in Outlook

Black Pearl wraps emails with HTML templates so images are downloaded from the Black Pearl server, meaning processing emails is light weight.

Most emails are opened on email programs which download images by default such as: Gmail, Android, Apple Mail (over 60% of emails are first opened on mobile). MS Outlook blocks images from external recipients by default and requires the recipient to add the sender or sender's domain to the safe sender's list.

The benefits of wrapping emails with HTML include:

  1. Transmission speed - email size are much smaller 
  2. The branding on email threads is better optimized - long email threads retain their branding a lot better

We have an embedded image feature which sends email with images attached to the email, similar to Outlook or Lotus Notes. This means that email clients like Outlook will not block the images. With the embedded images feature turned on you may notice conversations between mobile devices begin to have the images from the history as regular attachments (the email at the top of the chain will still have images embedded correctly). This is a limitation of some mobile email clients which do not send attachments when replying in order to save bandwidth.

Considerations of using embedded images:

  1. Emails will be larger with images sent during transmission.
  2. As images are sent as attachments, email threads will likely lose its branded formatting the further down you scroll. Recent emails in the thread retain branding.

If your organization would prefer to use embedded images just send us a ticket from within the Help Center.