Implementing a Custom Tracking URL

Implementing a Custom Tracking URL

What is a tracking URL?

One of the features of Black Pearl Mail is it allows users to be notified when a recipient clicks a link in their email (click tracking). In order for this functionality to occur, Black Pearl Mail will wrap all URL's within another URL (i.e. This then becomes a "tracking URL".

What is a custom tracking URL?

As an out-of-the box standard, the domain that Black Pearl Mail uses to wrap URL's is However, Black Pearl Mail provides the functionality to use your own domain for tracking URL's. This provides the below benefits:
  1. An increase in the reputation of your email as a whole.
  1. Recipients are more likely to trust a link that is branded with your own domain.
  1. Ensure your emails look more professional.

Implementing a custom tracking URL

In order for us to enable your customer tracking URL, all that is required from your end is to add a CNAME record to the DNS for your domain. Your domain will be the same domain that you use to send emails from. This record won't affect your website or your current email setup in any way. It is just a record that points at our system.  The exact steps to carry this out will vary depending on who your DNS provider is, but please see below some generic steps to guide you in right direction;

1. Go to the website for your DNS provider and login.
2. Locate your domain.
3. Edit the DNS records for this domain.
4. Add a new record based on the below details:

Host: t
Points to:
TTL: Leave as default 

5. Click save.
6. Email to inform them that the record is in place so we can make the relevant changes from our end.

If you require any assistance with the above, please contact
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