SEPTEMBER UPDATE - What's New with Pearl Diver?

SEPTEMBER UPDATE - What's New with Pearl Diver?

We are excited to announce new Pearl Diver updates! Prepare for an enhanced user interface and a solid foundation for exciting upcoming features, all designed to elevate your Pearl Diver experience. Get ready to dive into a whole new world of possibilities! 🌊

Key Features and Enhancements:

  1. New side navigation flow - This will allow us to add more functions and feature options to the Pearl Diver application in future.

  2. New 'Flows' Dashboard -  Visualize your Pearl Diver Data Sources and their Destinations: Easily identify all data sources connected to Pearl Diver (Website tracking data and/or Email tracking data for those using our Black Pearl Mail service), allowing for a quick assessment of the data landscape. Define where the data should be sent to.

  3. Audience Filtering – Set up filters to focus on specific audience segments within your Pearl Diver lead data, making data analysis and management more precise.

  4. Data Destinations - Zapier Integration is here! - Automate and Manage Data Destinations: Configure Zapier Integration to send your targeted lead data to where it needs to go. Use the Flows dashboard to view where the data is going.
  1. Introducing Web VISITORS - You asked, and we delivered! You can now see the total number of VISITORS (humans) to your website directly in the Pearl Diver application. This is now the primary tab you will be directed to.
    The standard total website visits (number of times a person went to the website and was identified) remains available further down the navigation menu for easy access if needed.

  2. The 'Hot List' has been RENAMED to 'Pearl's' and has been MOVED to an 'Audience' filter - the 'Pearl's' list is a default audience that filters your Pearl Diver lead data to display only those who have been to your website multiple times. Think of these leads as your hidden treasure, or 'Pearls' as they are your most engaged individuals who have visited your website
  1. Web visits available from the new side navigation menu - The up-top cards that take you between your main website visit data and Hot List will soon be removed, as we are transitioning fully to a side menu navigation.
    Note* Due to the above change in navigation, it may appear like your count has decreased. This is not the case as the system is showing you UNIQUE visitor count by default now, rather than the count of visits overall. Please reach out to if any questions on how this works.
  1. Mobile view improvements -  We understand the need for seamless data access on the go. With the move to using a side navigation flow rather than an up-top menu, there will be more space on these data pages to allow easy viewing of your data on devices with smaller screens.

  2. Updated naming conventions - Your primary database has been renamed from 'Identified website visitors' to 'Web visits'. The clearer naming highlights that this is a list of visits you have had to your website

How to Access the Pearl Diver Application:

Accessing the Pearl Diver application is easy. Simply log in to your account as usual via,  and you will automatically be directed to the updated interface. No additional steps are required, and your data and settings will remain intact.

Feedback and Support:

We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience, and your feedback is invaluable in achieving this goal. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team at - We are here to help!

We are committed to continuously improving our software to meet your evolving needs. The continuing updates to your Pearl Diver system are the first step to making way for some exciting improvements and new features.