Outlook roaming signatures vs Black Pearl Mail

Outlook roaming signatures vs Black Pearl Mail

What is Outlook roaming signatures? 

Outlook roaming signatures allows you to create a signature in outlook and it can be stored in your outlook system (in the cloud) as opposed to on your specific desktop device. This means when you create a signature, it can be shared across different desktop devices to be used when emailing. This partially solves the problem of Outlook for Windows users having to recreate their signatures across multiple devices. 

This feature only applies to signatures on Outlook for Windows on desktop devices. It does not apply to mobile devices, Mac, or Outlook Web App (OWA). Outlook roaming signatures will also not sync signatures with software outside of outlook e.g. non-windows devices or CRM systems.
Release date: late October 2022 

Does Outlook roaming signatures impact Black Pearl Mail customers? 

We would like to clarify that the release of Outlook roaming signatures has no impact on Black Pearl Mail customers, and there is no action needed by Black Pearl Mail admin users. Black Pearl Mail will continue to deploy signatures as usual with no configuration changes being needed in your Black Pearl system or setup.

The Benefits of using Black Pearl Mail over Outlook roaming signatures? 

The Black Pearl Mail solution delivers a significantly more comprehensive feature set than Outlook roaming signatures, which is limited to Outlook for Windows and only applicable on desktop devices, with signatures managed on an individual-user basis – meaning no centralized management, no control over individual signatures and no support for mobile devices I.e., emailing from your phone, mail apps, tablets etc. 

Benefits of Black Pearl Mail include: 

  • Centralized email signature management company-wide, including directory synchronization. 

  • Professional and consistent signatures across all devices – mobile, Mac, Windows, Outlook Web App (OWA). 

  • Easily and quickly create and update signatures using Black Pearl Mail’s online template builder. 

  • Deploy different signatures based on user groups or departments, external or internal recipients, or subject lines. 

  • Promotional banners that gain traffic, increase followers & boost sales. 

  • Live email tracking with real-time notifications that empowers you to take the right action at the right time. 

Black Pearl Mail removes email signature management headaches for your entire company, performs across all devices, and transforms everyday emails into a powerful marketing tool. 

Comparison of Outlook roaming signatures to Black Pearl Mail Signatures for Office 365 users

Black Pearl Mail for Office 365
Outlook Roaming Signatures
Centralized email signature management for the full team or select groups of users
Professional and consistent signatures on Mobile Devices
Professional and consistent signatures on Macs
Update and edit signature templates quickly and independently
Azure Active Directory synchronization (user info automatically added to signatures)
Delegate management of email signature design to specific people or teams
Standardized brand identity can be readily set up and updated across the entire company
Signature editing blocked for all/selected users except a delegated Admin user
Able to deploy different signature designs based on email subject line
Live email tracking & analytics, with real-time notifications

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