Pearl Diver for our Partners - FAQ

Pearl Diver for our Partners - FAQ

Thank you for choosing to partner with us! As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional support tailored to our partners, we'd like to introduce this specialized FAQ document. While our standard Pearl Diver  FAQ addresses general queries, this document is exclusively designed to address the unique questions that may arise in your role as a Pearl Diver partner. For common inquiries, please refer to our standard FAQ. Here, we delve into the intricacies of partnership to provide clear insights and comprehensive answers to commonly asked questions.

What are the Pearl Diver Partner Program options?

Enterprise Partner - Partner is the Customer
Partner sells their services and incorporates data into their offering.
  1. Partner gets the BP product and implements the customers in their subscription.
  2. Partner sells, implements, educates, supports and bills the customer.
  3. We provide training to partner.
  4. BP provides data daily via .csv file to partner.
  5. In this option all data resides in the partners dashboard.
  6. Cost: price negotiated based on volume
Reseller Partner - Partner Retains Customer
Partner sells the PD product to customer based on Tier.
  1.  Partner sells, implements, educates, supports and bills the customer.
  2. We provide training to partner.
  3. Partner gets 25% discount. BP bills the partner, the partner bills the customer.
  4. In this option there will be a dashboard for each customer.
Referral Partner - Black Pearl Retains Customers
  1. Partner refers customer. BP closes, partner gets 25% paid monthly as long as the customer is using product.
Read more about our Partner program via

How do I onboard my customers to Pearl Diver?

1. Request a custom tracking pixel for your customer via your Blackpearl Account manager - the team will need the website URL you wish to track and the name of the customers business
2. This will be provided via email
3. Load this pixel to your customers website. Please load this pixel to the URL specified
4. Confirm the pixel has been loaded correctly and notify your Blackpearl Account manager
5. The customer's data will be provided to your daily, either via a CSV sent from our team or directly into your Pearl Diver application, where you can filter on this new customer using the 'website' filter option

Where should I install the tracking pixel (tag/iframe) on my customer's websites? 

The code snippet should be installed in a global location in your site code. This could be a <head> or <body> tag element, or placed and deployed using Google Tag Manager (GTM). Successful installation would show the pixel code snippet being visible when inspecting the code in the browser. 

To confirm the tracking pixel code has been installed correctly on the customer's website, follow the below steps.
1. Click F12 on your keyboard (or right0click your mouse and choose the inspect option)
2. Navigate to Application  ( Click >> icon, and choose application)
3. View the cookies section, ensure you click the triangle arrow beside cookies to drop down the list
4. If the pixel has been installed correctly you will see the pixel loaded here. It should say lookin similar to ''

How do I access my Pearl Diver data?

Enterprise Partner
This will be discussed with the Blackpearl team during your discovery call as there are a few options for how we can get you your data. The typical ways we will provide data to you is:
1. Through a login to you Pearl Diver application (this option will depend on how much data it is predicted you will receive month by month)
2. The Blackpearl team will send a CSV download of your identified data daily
3. Custom technical setup - options here depend on technical capability, time and development resources.

Reseller Partner
The team will request the email addresses you would like authorized as admins who can login to the Pearl Diver application via
When you request a new tracking pixel be created for your customer, the team will link this customer to your Pearl Diver application so all data will flow into the single application. Form here, you can login to your application and define which customer you would like to review the data for by filtering on the 'website' the pixel is linked to.
For example, if I have my own business setup with Pearl Diver, and I bring on another 3 customers, I can see all 4 websites that have been setup with Pearl Diver in the single application.
I can then pick and choose which website/customers account I want to review within the application.

Reseller Partner
You will not have any access to your referred customer's data, unless they consent in writing to allow you access. In this instance, the customer can provide a download of the data to you directly, or the Blackpearl team are able to authorize your email to login to the customer's Pearl Diver application.

It is important to note that an email can only be authorized to ONE Pearl Diver application. If you are already a Pearl Diver user and your email is authorized to log in to your application, you cannot use the same email to log in to a new instance of Pearl Diver. You will need to provide a new email for the team to authorize this login to Pearl Diver.
We support emails hosted with Microsoft and Google - including @hotmail and @gmail emails.

How often does the Pearl Diver data update in the Dashboard?

Currently the Pearl Diver dashboard will update once per day at 2.30pm EST. This update will import any data that has been logged prior to 8am EST of the same day. This means data from 8am to 2.30pm EST of the same day will be captured in the update the next day at 2.30pm EST for a full 24 hour cycle.

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