Secondary Email Addresses

Secondary Email Addresses

If you have multiple email addresses, such as an email alias to an existing M365 or Google Workspace email account, or a completely separate mailbox, then you have a couple of options when it comes to branding those email addresses:

1. Create a separate people profile for each email address in the Black Pearl Mail app - This allows each email to have a different signature and use different branding
2. Create a single people profile in the Black Pearl Mail app, and add all of the email addresses under that profile as secondary emails - this means all email addresses listed will use the same signature and branding as the primary email address

In this article, we will be discussing the second option referred to as "adding a secondary email address". 

What is a secondary email address?

A secondary email address allows you to brand multiple email addresses using a single Black Pearl Mail user profile, and therefore use the same signature and branding for all listed email addresses on that profile.

What are the benefits of using a secondary email address?

The main benefit of using a secondary email address is that you only require a single Black Pearl Mail people profile. Making a change to this profile will then apply to all of your listed email addresses.

What are the constraints of using a secondary email address?

One of the limitations of using a secondary email address is that all of the details/contact information within the user profile will need to be the same for all email addresses.
For example, you may have two different email addresses within your organization, but you have a different role/job title and contact number for each of those email addresses. In this case, you would need to create two separate Black Pearl Mail people profiles to allow you to have different contact information in your signatures.

When should you use a secondary email address?

  1. If all of the user profile/signature information is the same (e.g. name, phone number, job title etc.) for all of your email addresses, then use a secondary email address.
  2. If the user profile information is different for each email address, then use multiple Black Pearl Mail profiles.

How to add a secondary email address

  1. Go to and sign in

  1. Click on the People tab.

  1. Locate the user profile that you would like to add a secondary email address for.
  2. Click anywhere on the user profile line to open the profile dashboard. 

  1. Click on "add secondary email address".

  1.  Enter the secondary email address and click "Save".

  1. Your secondary email address will now be branded with the same signature as your primary email address. Repeat the steps to add any additional emails.
Disclaimer: If the seconday email address you're looking to add has it's own inbox and is not used as an alias address, then it's recommended to create a new user profile.
For more information related to creating new user profiles, please Click Here