Using Tags within Groups

Using Tags within Groups

Tags are a feature that allows a user(s) to have a secondary signature template appear in place of their primary template. By creating a new Group with a Tag, the associated users would be able to replace their primary template with one that's been designated to a group using the desired Tag. Here's an example of how you might use a Tag.

For example, your Sales team wants to send a prospect a Template that contains a special offer banner/image, but they only want to send this special offer occasionally to select recipients.
  1. Create a Template that contains the desired content (i.e. Banner/Company Logo etc.).  
  2. Create a Group(s) for select users to be able to use Template (example: Sales)
  3. Assign the desired primary Template and Reply/Forward Template for the created group.

4. Create a Tag word. (example: Offer1)

 5. Select "Only on emails with the following [tag] in the subject line"

6. Add the necessary user(s) to the group(s) that have an associated Template that the user(s) would like to populate when using the designated Tag word.

Below is an example of how the subject line should appear when drafting or replying to an email. 

For the Tag feature to work correctly, there will need to be a space added after the Tag, prior to adding the email subject itself. 
The Tag must be placed within an open and closed bracket [ ] and should appear as, example: [Offer1] Subject of your email*
Please advise the associated users, for the Template Tag feature to work that they will need to add the desired Tag to the subject line of their email. i.e. [Offer1]
This Template will only be used when the Tag is inserted into the subject line.
A great way to do this is to take a screenshot of that user in the default groups view which lists all the Tags they can use.

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