Getting Started: Use Different Branded Email Templates for Different Groups of Users

Getting Started: Use Different Branded Email Templates for Different Groups of Users

With 4 quick steps, you can be up and running with Black Pearl Mail. These steps are ideal for a company that needs different groups of users to have different branded emails.

Step 1 - Create Templates

Go to the Templates tab in the top navigation. Select Add Template from the right-hand side. Customize your signature template by adjusting the Layout, customizing your Signature, adding logos and/or banner messaging in Branding & Ads, and add, if you use one, a Disclaimer. Save this template with a name for the group of users that will use it. i.e. "Sales" or "Operations". Create other templates for the remaining groups that will use a different signature, saving each one with a name relative to that group.

Step 2 - Add User Details

Go to the People tab in the top navigation. Click on a person and add details like Job TitleDivisionPhone NumbersAddresses, and Social Media links. If you want, you can also upload a picture for your users. You can also easily manage your user data via a csv file.

Step 3 - Create Groups

Go to the Groups tab in the top navigation. Click on Add New Group on the upper left-hand side. Give your group a name similar to the one for which you created a signature template. Select the appropriate template for this group from the dropdown under "Templates". Click "Save". You can now add the users you want to use this template by clicking on the "Add Users" button on the lower right-hand side. Continue creating groups for each of the templates that you created.

Step 4 - Turn on Signatures*

Go to the People tab in the top navigation. At the top right, you can turn on signatures and reply signatures for all users by using the toggle switches. Otherwise, you can select a user and then use the toggle switches to the right to enable signatures for new emails and reply/forwards. 

*Before you turn on signatures for your users, you will want to have the user turn off or remove signatures from their email clients. 

After you turn on signatures in the People tab

  1. New emails sent by those users will have the Default Design template applied. Note: users will not see the signature when drafting their email.
  2. Replied or forwarded emails will have the Reply / Forward Template applied. Note: unless you edited this template, it will remove all branding & images and just provide the user’s signature details.

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