Templates Tab Overview

Templates Tab Overview

From the Templates Tab you can do the following:

  • Search by Template Name

  • View Templates by List or Thumbnail

  • Add a New Template

Once you select a Template you can
  • Edit the Template

  • Send a Sample of the Template to someone

  • Create a duplicate/copy of the Template

  • Delete the Template

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    • Creating a new Template

      Step 1: From the Templates Tab, select Add Template. Layout Step 2: Layout Design - Set the layout of your email template. Do you want a border? A border will make your email a fixed width and center it on the screen.  Turn it on and select one of ...
    • Template List / Thumbnail Views

      First, login to the Black Pearl Mail App: Logging in Once logged in, navigate to the “Templates” icon in the top navigation bar: Now you will see a set of templates and their names in a Thumbnail View: You will now be able to click on any of the ...
    • Groups Tab Overview

      The Groups Tab is where you can associate specific users or groups of users to a Template. The Default group is the first group that is created when you sign up for the Black Pearl Mail service.  It allows you to choose the default template and reply ...
    • Template Report Overview

      The Template analytics report is where you can review clicks, click-thru rate, and click to open rate of the specific template you are reviewing.  You can access the report via Templates -> selecting the desired report -> See Report Below is an ...
    • People Tab Overview

      The People Tab is where you can add, edit, manage, and delete users.  Across the top of the page there are the following: Search: Here you can easily search for a specific user.  Just start typing the letters of the users first or last name Turn on ...