Pearl Diver REST API

Pearl Diver REST API - FAQ

What is an API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is like a middleman between different software programs, helping them communicate with each other. It takes requests from one program, tells another program what to do, and brings back the results. Think of it like a waiter who takes your order, brings it to the kitchen, and then returns with your food. This allows programs to use functionalities of other programs without needing to know how everything works behind the scenes.

What does the Pearl Diver API do?

The Pearl Diver API empowers you to seamlessly interact with your Pearl Diver data across any platform of your choosing. By using the Pearl Diver API, you can connect your Pearl Diver with other systems to enrich your existing data sets and automate numerous routine tasks performed with your Pearl Diver identified data.
The Pearl Diver API adheres to REST principles, ensuring that all responses, including error messages, are returned in JSON format.

This API enables you to access insights into your website visitors in the form of customizable audience data, directly from the Pearl Diver application.

How can I use the API?

The versatility of the Pearl Diver API enables connection with virtually any system. If your CRM, website, or other business platforms support API input, you can seamlessly integrate your Pearl Diver data across your entire infrastructure. Configuration of the API will require a web developer or development agent with experience creating API calls.

Consider leveraging our API to:
  1. Streamline your sales team's workflows and enrich your CRM with detailed website visit data.
  2. Incorporate your identified website visitor information into your marketing campaigns.
  3. Enhance your reporting capabilities with custom reporting suites tailored to your specific needs.

How do I get access?

To begin utilizing the API, you must enable it from your Pearl Diver App dashboard. Once enabled, you'll receive the necessary credentials to establish a connection.
To login to your Pearl Diver App, visit and login using your authorized Microsoft of Google hosted email
If you are unable to login to Pearl Diver, please confirm you have been granted access to the application by our customer success team or review our troubleshooting guide here. You can contact us at Please include your account/business name and ensure you have been authorized by an existing Pearl Diver admin

Acceptable Use Policy

Usage of the API and the Pearl Diver application is subject to the Terms of Service Policy for the API service and the terms outlined in your Pearl Diver contract. Please review the policy before initiating API usage.

Rate Limiting

To maintain system stability, the Pearl Diver API enforces rate limits, allowing a maximum of 250 requests per IP address within a 60-second renewal period.

How fast is the response time for the API?

Pearl Diver API responses typically exhibit an average response time ranging from 0.1 to one second.

I want to integrate with a solution using the Pearl Diver API. Can the Pearl Diver team assist with this?

While the Pearl Diver support team can provide guidance based on technical documentation and relay any inquiries or concerns to the technical team, direct technical integration support is not available on all standard Pearl Diver subscriptions. API configuration, setup and ongoing management will be the responsibility of the end user, however our support team are able to provide basic direction and escalation to our technical team where guidance is requested. Configuration of the API will require you to directly engage a web developer or development agent with experience creating API calls.

Do you support both client-side and server-side implementations?

Yes, the Pearl Diver API utilizes OAuth2.0 Authorization Code authentication. Initial authorization necessitates user interaction, but subsequent token usage in server-side implementations requires no further interaction. Client-side implementations can be facilitated for users within your company's Pearl Diver account.

What to know  more about Pearl Diver in general? Check out our FAQs today!
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