Black Pearl Mail - Account Overview of Navigating the Admin Portal

Black Pearl Mail - Account Overview of Navigating the Admin Portal


  1. The Dashboard Tab is where you can see a 30-day snapshot of activity in your account. This includes the number of emails sent per day over this 30-day period.


  1. The Templates Tab is where you customize the design and layout of your email signatures, and add click-through links/URLs and branding elements such as logo's and your email banners - this is where you control the look and feel of your emails. You can create as many templates or ‘looks’ as you like.


  1. The People Tab is where you add the email signature details of your users - fields need to be populated here to feed through to your email signatures. This includes information such as job title, contact details, and individual social media links, i.e LinkedIn.


  1. The Groups Tab is where templates and people come together - this is how you assign a signature template design to be used by a specific user(s), and also add shared group contact details if you’d like them to appear in their signatures too. i.e company-based social media links, company address, etc.


  1. The Analytics Tab is where you can see all mail flowing through the Black Pearl Mail app. Please Click Here for more information regarding Analytics. 


  1. Any signature details not filled out in a user’s personal profile or group details will be taken from the Company Information fields in Company Settings. You can learn more about the hierarchy of data in this article.

For more information about getting started with Black Pearl, please Click Here